Roofing EMT - How do they sleep at night!!

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Well, we got scammed on over $3000.They told us to send them a certified letter, and they would refund us, but havnt seen anything for months.

Our neighbor used them and they got to her house and did poor work.. but we signed contract weeks before her. The point is, she didnt give them any money at all before they did the work. We knew the sales guy and trusted him.

He quit after this happened and hasnt been paid in months. What is wrong with you people! How can you do this to trusting people.

JUST DO THE WORK AND MAKE THE MONEY THE OLD FASHION, HONEST WAY.Filling lawsuit in befor 90 days is up.

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I attended the hearing today in Spartnaburg, SC regarding the Building EMT bankruptcy filing.A very large crowd of people showed up whom had been ripped off by Mr.

Landers. He denied knowing anything. Stuttered and stampered.

We may never get our mone back.The court appointment trustee stated they will start with the checking account to see where the funds went.


I am so sorry for everyone who James Landers stole from.I was involved in a relationship with this man and he lied to me about not being married.

All he did was show me in so many ways that he had money.

He bought me a rolex, car and took me on huge shopping sprees.I ended the relationship once I found out he was married.


My elderly parents gave James Landers a check over $9, 000 and he stole it!This man even told my 78 year old father in person in December that he will ensure my parents roof get installed.

Well, James Landers of 815 18th Avenue NE, Saint Pertersburg Florida cashed my parents check, lied to them in December and filed bankruptcy. I cannot believe he thinks that people are going to forget about it.

It's been told to me through some people that installed roofs for his company that he is friends with Dewayne Dunko of Tampa, Florida who also owned a company called American Shingle.Starting to see a connection here?


I agree, RoofingEMT and James Landers of Saint Petersburg, Florida owes me over $15,000. His partner Alan Hudson who also lives in Florida tells me James will not pay me my money back. I hope he enjoys spending everyone's money he stole with his wife and children in Saint Petersburg :(


Same here. Over $3,ooo. What can we do about it?


I agree, I am a disable retired veteran on a set income with very limited resources.I discussed my situation with Julie Halpern, Rob and Allen Hudson and they agreed to do my roof for the insured amount.

We gave Roofing EMT a check for over $2,700.00 in November and haven't heard from them yet!! I have called, left voice mails and e-mails to no avail. Now I hear James Landers of Building EMT residential out of Flordia is trying to deny the connection with the Greer office but that is a LIE. When I talked directly with Allen Hudson in Flordia trying to get my supplies or money back he said he would have to talk it over with the company owner "JAMES".

I now believe that this was an intentional scam by James Landers, Allen Hudson and Billy Womack!I agree, How do they sleep at night?

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